[Resolved] Zebra Office Phone Line

At approximately 14:20 on 29.6.15 a fault developed on our office land line interrupting both inbound and outbound calls. Some calls are connecting successfully then cut off during the call.

This fault has been raised to our telecom provider and we are waiting for inbound calls to be redirected to an alternative line.

In the meantime we are still available via email, [email protected] for general enquiries and [email protected] for technical support.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused while trying to contact Zebra Internet Services, we will update this post as soon as we know more.

UPDATE: 17:00
A fault has been detected in our telephone exchange and engineers are investigating.

UPDATE: 15:00
We have been informed that a faulty component has been identified and replaced  at the exchange.
We can once again be contacted on 0191 261 2252.