[COMPLETED] Important Network Maintenance

Our upstream network provider, Onyx, have recently made a significant investment in upgrading their core network to a resilient 10Gb capacity architecture to vastly improve the level of service and flexibility of connectivity offered to customers.

The upgrades are now ready to be put into place and this requires Onyx to undertake out of hours migration work during November. Onyx are planning to ensure minimum impact to customers as well as offering additional support to us before, during and after the migration.

Please be advised that a maintenance window from 23:00 on 12th November 2015 until 04:00 on 13th November 2013 has been allocated to this work.

Whilst every effort will be made to minimise impact, services we provide such as Internet connectivity, Website Hosting, Email and DNS and should be considered at risk during this period and we will be sending updates before, during and after the work.

If after the maintenance period has closed you are still encountering issues, please contact us via your usual support channels.

Update: 13/11/2015 04:00 – The network maintenance period has been closed.  No impact on our services was observed whilst the work was taking place.  If any customers should be encountering issues, please contact us via your usual support channels.