[RESOLVED] Windows shared hosting server issue

Earlier this afternoon we were alerted to a problem with one of our Windows-based shared hosting servers.

Engineers are currently working to resolve the issue and we will post an update as soon as we have further information available.

Update 16:00: The server is currently performing a data storage consistency check.  We will post further information as soon as it’s available.

Update 16:20: The data check has completed and the server has now booted fully.  All services should be resumed within the next few minutes.

Update 16:25: All services have now been resumed and we are now monitoring.

Update 16:30: Performance of this server is below normal levels, customers may be experiencing issues when trying to access websites or email services hosted on this server.  We are currently investigating and will update this post as soon as we have further information.

Update 06/06/17 @ 09:00: We have taken the decision to migrate customers off this server to another of our Windows hosting servers.  This migration will take place over the coming days. Customers should not see any disruption to their services other than a definite improvement when their migration has taken place.

Update 07/06/17 @ 10:00: Migrations are going smoothly.  A couple of migrated customers have informed us that they have noticed that in some cases their email that had been previously “marked as read” is now “marked as unread”.  Unfortunately, due to the migration method being used to transfer the data as quickly as possible, there is nothing we can do to rectify this issue at this time.  Customers may also received a new “Welcome email”, this is nothing to be worried about and is being generated automatically during the migration process.

Update 07/06/17 @ 15:30: Migrations are continuing, over 75% of customer data has now been migrated to a new server.

Update 08/06/17 @ 10:45: Migrations are almost complete, we are now down to the last 10 or so accounts to transfer.

Update 08/06/17 @ 12:30: Migrations have now been completed successfully.  Please contact us if you are experiencing issues with your hosting.