[RESOLVED] Windows shared hosting server issue

This morning we were alerted to a problem with a MySQL database server on one of our Windows shared hosting servers.

The problem is affecting the server’s hosting control panel and may also result in some websites relying on this database failing to load correctly.

We are investigating the issue and are working to restore full service as soon as possible.

Update 10:10: The problem has been identified as a corrupt database data file. We are currently working to restore the data from our backups and will update this post with further information as soon as possible.

Update 10:30: All user-accessible databases have now been restored from backup and websites should now be operating normally. At this time the hosting control panel for this server is still down and we are now working to restore this service as soon as possible.

Update 11:40: The hosting control panel service is now operating normally. All services have now been restored. We will continue to monitor the system to ensure everything is operating correctly.