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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Emergency Maintenance: 20:00 GMT on 09/01/2018

Update: 20:30 – Maintenance has now been completed and all hosting services have been restored.

As you may have seen in the media recently, there has been an industry-wide hardware-based security vulnerability disclosed.

Keeping our customers secure is our top priority and we are taking precautions to ensure users of our hosting services are not exposed to these vulnerabilities.

Our software vendors have released a software security update to mitigate the hardware vulnerability.  In order to apply the updates we need to perform reboots of our hosting servers.

We have scheduled emergency maintenance this evening from 20:00 GMT.  Starting at this time we will begin rebooting our shared hosting & VPS hosting platform servers.

As a result, email, web hosting, VPS servers etc will be unavailable for a short amount of time.

All our systems will be monitored during and after the update and we will endeavour to restore normal service as soon as possible.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

[RESOLVED] Windows shared hosting server issue

Earlier this afternoon we were alerted to a problem with one of our Windows-based shared hosting servers.

Engineers are currently working to resolve the issue and we will post an update as soon as we have further information available.

Update 16:00: The server is currently performing a data storage consistency check.  We will post further information as soon as it’s available.

Update 16:20: The data check has completed and the server has now booted fully.  All services should be resumed within the next few minutes.

Update 16:25: All services have now been resumed and we are now monitoring.

Update 16:30: Performance of this server is below normal levels, customers may be experiencing issues when trying to access websites or email services hosted on this server.  We are currently investigating and will update this post as soon as we have further information.

Update 06/06/17 @ 09:00: We have taken the decision to migrate customers off this server to another of our Windows hosting servers.  This migration will take place over the coming days. Customers should not see any disruption to their services other than a definite improvement when their migration has taken place.

Update 07/06/17 @ 10:00: Migrations are going smoothly.  A couple of migrated customers have informed us that they have noticed that in some cases their email that had been previously “marked as read” is now “marked as unread”.  Unfortunately, due to the migration method being used to transfer the data as quickly as possible, there is nothing we can do to rectify this issue at this time.  Customers may also received a new “Welcome email”, this is nothing to be worried about and is being generated automatically during the migration process.

Update 07/06/17 @ 15:30: Migrations are continuing, over 75% of customer data has now been migrated to a new server.

Update 08/06/17 @ 10:45: Migrations are almost complete, we are now down to the last 10 or so accounts to transfer.

Update 08/06/17 @ 12:30: Migrations have now been completed successfully.  Please contact us if you are experiencing issues with your hosting.

[RESOLVED] Internet & Inter-DC Connectivity Loss

We’ve just experienced a short period of a few minutes of connectivity loss between data centres and also to the Internet.

Connectivity has been restored and engineers are currently investigating.

UPDATE 09:13: Connectivity continues to be intermittent.  We are also experiencing problems with our office Internet connectivity which in turn is affecting our office phone system.  The only common factor in these problems is the underlying fibre network that our data centre provider and our office internet connectivity use: Virgin Media.

UPDATE 09:45: Connectivity has been stable for approx 20 minutes now.  We are waiting for an update regarding the outage and will post it here as soon as we have more information.

[COMPLETE] Scheduled Emergency Maintenance: 17/03/17

Our upstream network provider has notified us of an upcoming emergency maintenance window.  This work has been identified in order to mitigate a potential issue that has been identified and to mitigate a possible risk of unplanned service interruption.

Please be advised that a maintenance window from 00:00 until 02:00 GMT on 17th March 2017 has been allocated to this work.

Whilst every effort will be made to minimise impact, services we provide such as Internet connectivity, Website Hosting, Email and DNS and should be considered at risk during this period and we will be sending updates before and after the work.

If after the maintenance period has closed you are still encountering issues, please contact us via your usual support channels.

[RESOLVED] Upstream network instability

We’ve just received note from our upstream network provider about occasional instability in their network:

We are currently investigating a network issue which may have impacted customers during the last hour or more. Whilst most services are stable we are still investigating more isolated pockets of instability and we aim to provide a further update shortly.

We will update this post as soon as we receive further information…

[RESOLVED] Internet connectivity issue

We are currently experiencing issues with our external Internet connectivity.  Engineers are investigating and we will update this post as soon as we have further information.

Update 23:00: It appears one of our VPS customers was the subject of a DDOS attack.  This caused problems with our connectivity as it struggled to cope with the massive flood of incoming traffic.  Traffic levels have returned to normal and we are consulting with our upstream providers to mitigate the problem.

[RESOLVED] Network Connectivity Issue

Our upstream network provider is currently suffering from a core network issue.  As a result, this is causing intermittent packet loss on all connectivity into the Zebra network.

Engineers are currently working on the issue and will have the problem resolved as soon as possible.

We will update this post as soon as we have further information.

Update: We have been informed the outage was due to a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial Of Service).  The attack was of such as size that all core network connectivity was affected.  Engineers are interrogating data collected in order to look for any recommendations they can make for further enhancement to optimise network performance and security.

Update 07:30: Apologies for the late update.  As of approx 04:40 this morning engineers believed to have the problem under control.  We are currently monitoring.

Update 04:25: Engineers are continuing to work towards a resolution.

Update 03:00: The root cause of the issue as been identified and engineers are now working on a resolution.

Update 23:50: Engineers are continuing to work to stabilise the network issues. We will update this post as soon we have further information.

Update 22:00: Engineers at our provider are continuing to work on the problem.  We will update this post as soon we have further information.

[RESOLVED] Routing problems within BT connected networks

We are currently seeing routing issues to BT Internet connected locations and 3rd parties who receive service from BT related services.

Upstream engineers are monitoring the major service outage on the BT network but at this time only external/routed connections to the BT networks are affected.

This post will be updated as and when more information is received.

Update @ 11:20 – The problem with BT’s network is starting to hit the major technical news sites.  More useful information can be found at ArsTechnica:
and The Register: